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I've heard of, and considered, switching to zsh for awhile, but never did because bash worked for me. After chatting with Nigel, he highlited a nice feature that sold me: multi-line editing of nested loops. The switch has been relatively painless, and it's given me a reason to update my aliases, which is long overdue. One thing that tripped me up was the inclination to setup pretty colors, like Phil! talks about. I'm a bit of a screen freak and the colors turned out to corrupt terminal output until the zsh prompt was refreshed when switching between screen windows. I've yanked out all of the color stuff and settled on a nice, two line zsh prompt. If anyone uses screen and figures out how to get color without corruption, I'd love to hear about it. I particularly happy that my shell now informs my screen hard status line what command it's executing. This is great if I leave a screen window running top or what not. Here's my .zshrc with a screen shot for anyone who's interested. It's a lot smaller than many you'll see floating around the web. ZSH Terminal Screen Shot
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