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Acrobat Icon Adobe Products have a self healing feature which checks quite a few of the files on disk at launch and attempts to modify them if they're different than the installed versions. This is a huge problem for me, as a system administrator, as I've created my Adobe CS3 package with tighter permissions than Adobe installs. For example, many of the files are owned by the account I installed CS3 with, but I need them to be owned by the root account. At launch, Adobe Acrobat gives an error: "Type an Administrator's name and password to make changes to Acrobat." Clearly, normal users don't have permissions to do this and your phone may end up ringing quite a bit. The solution is to disable the Self Healing feature entirely by telling the programs not to enforce any of the checks it's making. To do this, edit /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Acrobat/AcroENUPro80SelfHeal.xml and replace all instances of "YES" and "REQUIRED" (all caps) with "NO". Distribute the new xml file, and the self healing checks will no longer be enforced and you're free to manage permissions and access how you see fit.
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