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So I'm finally running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on my portable. I've decided to migrate to the new sparsebundle style FileVault image, and here's how I did it: First, make sure you've created a FileVault master certificate by setting a master password in the Security preference pane. Manually create the sparse bundle:
umask 077
export NAME="mccune"
hdiutil create -size 300g \
  -encryption -agentpass \
  -certificate /Library/Keychains/FileVaultMaster.cer \
  -uid 502 -gid 20 -mode 0700 \
  -fs "HFS+J" \
  -layout SPUD \
  -volname "$NAME" \
chown -R "$NAME":staff "$NAME".sparsebundle
Make sure to set the password on the disk image the same as the password used with the user account, otherwise the system won't be able to decrypt the image from the loginwindow. Mount the sparsebundle:
hdiutil mount -owners on -mountrandom /tmp -stdinpass "$NAME".sparsebundle
Copy the contents of your home directory:
rsync -avxHE --progress /Users/mccune/ /tmp/dmg.TYSCwg/
After I did the initial pass with rsync, I logged out of my user account, and logged in using the administrator account in order to run the rsync process a second time, while my profile was in a steady state.
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