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AccountsJames Reynolds mentioned on the Mac Enterprise mailing list that /etc/rc.local scripting is no longer a viable option to execute scripts at boot time, before the loginwindow presents itself to the user. In Mac OS X 10.4, I've relied heavily on /etc/rc.local to execute a number of management scripts, and /etc/rc.local has always irritated me as a solution because of the parallel nature of sub-systems coming online during the Mac OS X boot process. Note; I didn't say "boot sequence." For example, I have some pretty extensive code to simply detect if DNS resolution is working or not. Now that loginwindow is started from launchd, we're able to replace it with our own scripts, and ultimately call it when we're finished. I have yet to try this as a replacement for my current system, but I'm hopeful there aren't as many issues figuring out what's available and what isn't at boot time, now that many more processes are started form launchd. I'll report back with any problems I'm sure to encounter migrating my startup scripts to launchd in Leopard.
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