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Here's a quick script I cooked up to turn off the blinding light that is my iMac display when I go to bed at night. QuickSilver Display Sleep 1 Minute Features:
  # Jeff McCune 
  export CURRENT_DELAY=$(pmset -g | grep displaysleep | awk '{print $2}')
  # Charger or Battery Flag.
  pmset -g | grep -q '^AC.*\*' && export MODE="-c" || export MODE="-b"
  say "The display will shut off in about 90 seconds" &
  # force allows this to work for non-admin users.
  pmset force $MODE displaysleep 1
  # Quicksilver blocks until script completion.  Fork off the reset command.
  bash -c 'sleep 120; pmset force $MODE displaysleep $CURRENT_DELAY' &
  exit 0
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