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Package MakerWorking at the math department, I haven't had many encounters with Adobe applications. We recently bought concurrent licenses for Adobe CS3, and I've been spending this morning installing it, sifting out all of the files into a Package Maker project and otherwise preparing it for distribution. The Adobe installer software is extremely poor quality. Having little experience with Adobe installers, I logged into a network home directory based administrative account and fired up the installer. After typing the adminstrative password, the installer immediately complained; "Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue. Contact Adobe Customer Support for assistance."

Adobe CS3 Install Error

There's no error message in /Library/Logs/Adobe, the Console, or other system logs. There no mention of this problem in the README file shipping with the installation media. The solution is relatively simple. You have to install this software using a local administrative account, not one with a network home directory. Also, beware... While browsing the Adobe knowledge base, I ran across the article titled "Can't install Adobe CS to case-sensitive HFS+ volumes." Their solution is to re-format the volume.
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