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TeleportI usually compute with n-tupel of Mac computers sitting in front of me. I have a strong aversion to clutter, despite the state of my apartment, and the power of Teleport providing seamless, encrypted keyboard sharing, a-la so called "soft KVM" utilities is a killer app for me. Alas, I've found that Teleport does not work as expected when operating from an NFS Mounted Home Directory. Trying to connect to my Laptop, nutburner (Yes, nutburner is the given name of my first generation MacBook Pro), I received the following error. Teleport Keychain Access UNKNOWN wants permission to sign using key "privateKey" in your keychain. Do you want to allow this? On a working host, e.g. two machines with file vault home folders, that "UNKNOWN" will actually display as "teleportd". I suspect whatever logic Apple is using to verify the authenticity of program binaries doesn't work as expected over NFS. After clicking "Always Allow" twice, I get the following error: Teleport Connection Error I synchronize my login.keychain, so the private key and certificate are identical between these two hosts, leading me to believe a certificate algorithm mismatch is unlikely. In any event, my solution was to simply redirect the teleport.prefPane to a local HFS+ volume using a symbolic link.
# /Scratch is a local HFS+ volume.
mkdir -p /Scratch/mccune/Library/PreferencePanes
mv ~/Library/PreferencePanes/teleport.prefPane \
ln -s /Scratch/mccune/Library/PreferencePanes/teleport.prefPane \
Once teleport.prefPane resided on a local HFS volume, everything "just worked" perfectly. As an alternative, you could deploy the prefPane to /Library/PreferencePanes to make teleport available to all users of the system.
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